Are you interested in starting a furniture dropshipping business, then this is definitely an article that you will want to check out. If you are not familiar with dropshipping, then this is a great time for you to learn. It is a way for you to be a business owner and sell to your own customers, while not having to do anything with the backend of the process, like shipping and storage. However, before you start dropshipping, you need to find a good supplier, or distributor. This is the company that will actually provide the products that you are selling, and when it comes to the dropshipping business model you can see how crucial this part of the process is. Today we are going to talk about the best distributors for furniture dropshipping, as well as talk a bit more about the qualities you need to look for in a distributor, so make sure to keep reading.


What a furniture distributor needs to offer to qualify for dropshipping

Finding the right distributor is incredibly important because they will be the ones representing your business and since it will be your name on those packages, you want to make sure that they are doing so in the best way possible. You want to find a reputable name, preferably someone that has been in the business for a few years. We always recommend you check out some reviews or even better talk to someone that has worked with them because it will really give you a good perspective on how good they are. You also want someone that will offer you diversity when it comes to products because that means that you will be able to offer a lot more to your customers. Another thing that you also want to look at is the time in which they deliver the products to the customers because the last thing you want is for them to deliver the products with a lot of delays. Now that you know what to look for, we are going to take a look at some of the best options that you have.

Sagebrook Home

The very first option that we are going to talk about is Sagebrook and this is a company that really aims to provide and create something special for you and your customers. They pride themselves with creating really high-end products with some of the best and newest technology available to them. Because of this approach, they have actually become one of the leaders amongst dropshipping suppliers. They offer over a whopping 8000 products in their amazing catalog and they include everything from wall décor, home accessories, lighting and of course furniture. Another thing that they really focus on is providing new and fresh in terms of design, and that is exactly how they stay on top of the game and ahead of trends.


Classic touch

If you are looking to sell more rustic products, then there is probably no better option for you than Classic touch. As you may have guessed by their name, this is a company that offers something that will look perfect in a farmhouse. They offer some of the best farmhouse décor as well as some really incredible handcrafted pieces. They also have a great variety of antique, high-end décor that included things like fruit bowls, trays, flowerpots and more. Of course, they also offer incredible furniture. Their goal is to provide the customers with items that are functional, but also of great quality and that look amazing. If you have a clientele that will enjoy these types of products, then Classic touch is a must.



If you have ever dropshipped before, then Chinabrands is probably not new to you, however, if you haven’t then let us introduce you to it. A lot of people think that this is an Asian brand, however, they are based in the US, but they have definitely managed to make a name for themselves in Asia and all over the rest of the world. The great thing about this dropshipping furniture distributor is the fact that they offer a lot of home décor, but also some of the best, most high-end furniture brands in the world. Their quality is definitely some of the best out there and that is a huge reason why they are at the top of the décor market. They also have a great website that is very easy to use, so you will easily be able to find your way around it and find amazing products for your final customers.


Design Direct creative group

If you have a set of customers that often want specific designs, then this is a great option for you. They will, of course, help you with the dropshipping process, however, another thing that they will do is offer demand manufacturing. Thanks to this kind of manufacturing they are able to react to new trends much faster, and that is great news for you because you will be able to offer them the newest designs in just a few weeks, instead of months.

When you are looking for the best furniture dropshipping distributor, then this is a great article for you to take a look at. We really hope that seeing a bit more about what you need in a distributor and what are some of the best options for you will help you find the best one for your business. We hope that this article was helpful for you and that we are able to teach you something new about this topics. Read more about

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