Selling furniture seems to be the new trend online, and now seems like the perfect time for you to get in on the action and make some money out of it. Seeing as how this market is excepted to grow up around $250 Billion by the year 2022, we can easily say that there is a definite possibility for you to make a good amount of profit. If you really are interested in starting your own business selling furniture, then what we recommend is for you to start your own online store. Today we are going to be taking a look at how to sell furniture with Shopify and what this ecommerce platform can offer you, so if you are interested and want to learn more, make sure to keep on reading this article until the end.


Why an ecommerce store for furniture?

If you are wondering why we suggest you start your very own store instead of just selling on a marketplace, then the answer is pretty simple. When you work with an app or when you sell on a marketplace, you have to pay a certain amount in fees to those sites or apps, and at the end of the day you will never be the owner of your page. When you have your own ecommerce store, you are the complete owner and no one can choose to shut down your page overnight.


Shopify as a platform

If you have ever done any kind of research about ecommerce, then you must have heard of Shopify. This is by far one of the most famous solutions in the world and most businesses out there use it, or have used it at some point. It is a fully hosted solution and it was initially designed to be a website builder only. However, over the years it has become so much more than that, and it is now the most famous ecommerce platform in the world.

Benefits from selling furniture on Shopify

There are a lot of benefits to using Shopify as an ecommerce a platform and now we are going to talk about some of our favorite ones.

  • Easy to use: this platform was designed for small businesses and as such it has also been designed to be easy and simple to use. Anyone, even beginners, will be able to manage it and build an amazing ecommerce with no help at all, which is always great.
  • Great prices: a lot of people have the impression that Shopify is expensive, however, when you keep in mind everything that this platform offers you will see that it actually has a great price.
  • A lot of tools: Shopify offers an incredible amount of tools that will be perfect no matter what kind ecommerce business you have. You can simpy go to the app store and choose between any of the 1500+ apps that are available on it.
  • Incredible templates: Shopify is also known to have one of the best templates in the world of ecommerce. They have an incredibly professional look and feel to them, and they come as free and paid for. You will be able to find a template design for any kind of business, which makes the platform incredibly versatile.

How to start selling home décor online

Now that you know why we love the Shopify ecommerce platform for selling furniture online, we are going to talk about how you can actually start selling.

  1. Create a profile

Before you can start selling, you have to create an account on the platform. This is a very simple process that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete. You will have to add a few pieces of information about your business, which will help you get a domain name as well as help you choose your business name if you need that kind of help.

  1. Design the website

The next step is the design process. This is incredibly important, and luckily Shopify makes it very easy to get incredible results with very minimal effort. You will get to choose from one of the amazing templates that we mentioned above. You will have to find something that will suit a furniture retail business online, but thanks to the amount of choice, that will be very easy to do. After that you will be able to do some slight customization to the website in order to give it a bit more character.

  1. Add tools

After you have the design down, it is time for you to choose the right tools. Again, this will be an option thanks to the fact that there are over 1500 different apps the Shopify App store. However, you have to be a bit careful here because it can be very easy to get carried away. Most of these apps cost money, so you want to make sure not to get too carried away with them. Make sure to start getting what you need only, at least in the beginning, and once you start working you can add on because by this point you will have a good idea of what is missing. Make sure not to overspend where there is no need to.

  1. List the products

It is then time for you to add the products, and if you have chosen the right template for selling furniture online, then you will be able to add lots of images and write some good descriptions on the side. Make sure to have some good, professional images in order to really showcase the products that you are selling.

  1. Start selling!

Finally, you will be ready to start selling your products. Make sure to keep on top of everything after the website goes live, because if there are any glitches you want to make sure you catch them and do everything you can to fix them as soon as possible.

If you choose to go with Shopify, it is probably clear to you by now that there are a ton of benefits that you can enjoy and a lot of tools that will help you start selling furniture online with a lot of ease. We really hope that you liked this article, that you found it useful and that you will check out Shopify for your business.

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